Missing Girl Found!
Officials received wonderful news this morning, when 17 year old Caroline Jefferies, who was officially considered a missing person last week, was reunited with her parents. The reemergence of the young woman came as both a relief and a shock to her parents who had began to lose hope that their...

Welcome to Bloodlines MUSH, a game based on the books and television series The Vampire Diaries!

Nestled against beautiful landscapes and majestic natural mysteries of the wilderness, the small town of Ellensburg, Washington thrives within its borders. With a long standing historical background, a flourishing tourist trade, and a thriving college humming at its heart, Ellensburg appears too many as the perfect small American town. The streets are narrow and the parks are a hive of laughter and life during the daylight hours. Joggers enjoy their runs without fear while families hold cookouts and little league teams practice without worry. Houses remain unlocked and car keys are left in the ignitions.

Yep. On the outside Ellensburg is perfect. But there is something more looming just beyond the sunset.

In a town where people feel so safe, few suspect that as the night blankets the sleepy world around them, an unknown threat strolls just outside their windows. Few suspect that creatures of myth and legend live amongst them, some hidden by the veil of nightfall, while others watch them in the checkout line at the market.

What is it about Ellensburg that draws so much supernatural attention? Is it the high deposit of precious gems in the earth below the town? Is it something more that draws the bloodthirsty creatures from their hideaways to lurk and hunt the small town streets?

Whatever it is, they're here. They're hunting. And people have no idea what they are in for.

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